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General comment

  • Overall, this is an excellent product with the perfect balance between sweetness, bitterness and density.
  • A generous, creamy drink that evokes memories of skiing holidays in the mountains.
  • Very good composition and concentration of flavours, with a taste that is pure and natural.


  • Excellent visual appearance of a dense, creamy hot chocolate.
  • When mixed with milk it has a light foam and looks nice and airy. With water it looks slightly less rich, but tasty all the same.
  • Very nice presentation of a classic hot chocolate drink.


  • Aromas are very pleasant and inviting - even more so when mixed with milk.
  • Complex nose with delicate aromas of cocoa that develop nicely.
  • Fresh, authentic aromas that are very appetising and encouraging.

— %55 Milky Dark Chocolate : Slightly Sweet —

A nice blend of smooth chocolate with a slight milky flavour, the perfect sensation.

— %75 Hot Dark Chocolate : Slightly Bitter —

Well-balanced chocolate in the golden ratio, rich nutty chocolate taste profile with a hint of fruity notes.

— %85 Hot Dark Chocolate : Dark Bitter —

Strong, intense chocolate taste dominated by roasted cocoa notes and extra bitterness for an overwhelming taste experience.

— %100 Hot Dark Chocolate : Dark Bitter + —

100% pure, unsweetened soul of chocolate. Pure, deep, dark and bitter sensations for the ultimate dark chocolate lover.


75% Hot Dark Chocolate
This is delicious! I bought the 75% tin- not too bitter, not too sweet or even ‘heaty’. I love it, glad to finally find a brand for me.
KY Wong
85% Hot Dark Chocolate
I’m a dark chocolate enthusiast and I am in love with the 85% hot chocolate drink! It’s not bitter to me at all 😆😋
100% Hot Dark Chocolate
I get the 85% chocolate with nibs. Thick and smooth with crunchy bite, absolutely premium quality. pure chocolate and very aromatic. low calaories and healthy. will repurchase again. recommended!
Rosie Heng
100% Hot Dark Chocolate
75% perfect for me . Highly recommended . This is my third purchase
Chloe Lai
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