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I have been on repeat purchase

"I have been on repeat purchase" says it all :P

Delivery too slow took more than a week.

Long story short, I didn't get my parcel because I wasn't there at the moment and the courier didn't send any prove of delivery either to me.

85% Hot Dark Chocolate
Review on 85% dark chocolate

Very rich taste of bitter sweet dark chocolate. Good on its own without adding sugar or milk. Best taken when hot or warm as a breakfast drink. The chocolate aroma provides an awakening kick start for the morning blues. Will order again.

Choc is rich. It is hard to melt or maybe I do not have the knowledge on how to melt choc powder. It will be good if you can share the useful information in your "how to serve" section.

Not too sweet

Chocolate drink was not too sweet as compared to Milo . Appreciated the wooden spoon that came with it

Subtle sweetness. kindle hard to melt completely unless using blender

Mint and sweetness in subtle

Mint Dark Chocolate
Salimah Wahab
Mint Dark Chocolate

Delicious, so chocolate and good tasty. I will try another product after this. Thank you.

Good product

Mint Dark Choco

The mint is just right amount and not too subtle for me,not my favourite but i like it.The taste of chocolate is just perfect and not too sweet for me as a chocolate lover.

75% Hot Dark Chocolate
Arunasalam Ponnampalam

Great 👍

Chocolate 75% is good, next time I will try 80%

Great chocolate drink

75% dark

Rich chocolate, a little bitter and not sweet! Finally found the PERFECT hot choc i've been looking for in a long long time. Tried so many brands and nothing suits my liking. So happy and satisfied with this - just add hot water + milk of your choice and enjoy! Kinda surprised that it is a big tub too. Worth it!

Rich chocolate taste and not sweet. Love it very much. Next will try the 85%

Not too sweet. Just love it

85% Dark Chocolate

Awesome. Still find it sweet though. Wish there was a more diabetic-friendly option

Mint Dark Chocolate
Nur Zaihan Harun

This is my favourite. The mint is just the right amount, not too strong and not too subtle. It tasted a bit insipid at first sip but eventually it tasted better and better. If I'm going to order two flavours in the future, this flavour will be a must have.

I like how this hot chocolate tastes, it's not too sweet as I'm no longer into sweet anything. However, it's not creamy like a milk chocolate should be, but I can always add an extra spoon or two to get the perfect taste.

good 👍👍


Great taste but a little too sweet for my mum.

75% dark, 100% satisfaction

I drink a cup daily to start the day. Its rich and delicious just with hot water. Warm milk makes it extra special. Sweet and smooth. A great start to the day.

100% Hot Dark Chocolate
100% Dark Chocolate

Its delicious!!!

85% Hot Dark Chocolate
85% Dark Chocolate

It's delicious!!!

85% Hot Dark Chocolate
Afiqah Harunarrsheed

Its a little bit sweet even though i choose 85% dark chocolate. The taste is not really bitter. Anyway i still love it.

Love it.

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