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Milky chocolate

It tastes very nice. Not too sweet

Hot chocolate

Not yet try but the tin looks nice

Every cup I made so far has made my taste buds dance! The silky smooth chocolate drink without the mint overpowering it, makes it a perfect night drink.
I like it with just hot water personally.
Will order again!


Love this. Just nice balance between the bitter and sweet taste of the chocolate. Full body aroma.

Rich and delicious!

Taste is absolutely good. Rich chocolate taste and not so sweet. However I find it hard to fully dissolve with hot water

My favourite chocolate mint drink

Love it and not too sweet. Rich taste and goes well when added milk or auternative milk

55% extra milky dark chocolate

The sweetness & taste just nice to drink without adding any compared to 75% a-bit bitter which have to add-on either fresh milk or whipped cream (there are some people like bitter taste).
Will continue to buy it once finish & recommend to my friends

Great taste

Repeated order.

85% Hot Dark Chocolate
Nurul Syierah Tasim
Good Taste

Bought that 85% chocolate, MayBe Should Try 100% chocolate After this. Taste Good definitly will repeat order but need more information about the factory and the origin your Cocoa Beans did u guys got GMP certification and other else

Delicious. Taste of rich chocolate and goes so well with mashmallows.

I’ve always loved chocolate with mint so decided to try this. It was really good. A perfect blend of Refreshing mint and the creaminess of chocolate. Would definitely buy it again.

Love it. I find the sweetness just perfect.

Repeated order & it's nice.

a highly recommended product

received the wrong order (i ordered 75% but received 85% but its ok) it has a nice rich chocolately flavour. it literally goes well with everything. if you are chocolate lover, you need to get on this

Mint Dark Chocolate
Ravindran Thiagarajah
So far is ok

Chocolate drink is cool. Love the mint taste. I use as mixture with oats.

The 75% dark chocolate is just nice for me. It is not too sweet neither too bitter. It’s recommend for those who like chocolate but dislike too sweet nor too bitter

Awesome mint hot chocolate

Not too strong of a minty taste , so it isn't like those mint hot chocolates that taste like toothpaste. It blends perfectly with the dark chocolate and it is of excellent quality. However, all that said, I prefer the dark chocolate side to be a bit more stronger so it has a bit more of a bittersweet-minty taste. I have it with either oatmilk or wholemilk and both give delicious blends! Definitely getting it again once mine runs out. Glad I found Beans & Co as it is more affordable than Whittard.

Just Nice

just nice for my liking. no milk required. the sweetness and bitterness not too over powering with a hint of mint

Delicious! Not too sweet, just sweet-ish and not bitter either.

Addicted to this Mint Dark Chocolate!

Tips: It goes better with hot milk.;)

Addicted to this Mint Dark Chocolate!

Tips: It goes better with hot milk.;)

Mint Dark Chocolate

It was wonderful and delicious. I bought it specifically for my dad and he loves it. The mint and coco mixed together is a perfect combination. Its a wonderful drink before going to bed. Thank you Beans & Co!

Yummy taste

The taste is too good.I love the 75% of dark chocolate.

Craving for more!

I tried the 75% and it was really good, has some sweetness along the "just nice amount" of bitterness. I started to explore the next level and end up buying the 85% and 100%. Today I tried the 85% and to my surprise it was good too! Not sweet neither too bitter, just the right balance. Like the nibs which didn't dissolved completely, it just give me the extra feel of the chocolatey. Will review once I tried the 100%.

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