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85% Hot Dark Chocolate
Jill Ewe Choy choo
Good but a tad sweet

Love your chocolate though I found it a tad too sweet though it’s 85% dark chocolate. It would be better if it comes sugar free.

Not bad

85% with nibs is a fun drink. It is not bitter at all and doesn't require any added sugar. The nibs make it fun to drink. I mix mine with milk and at times with 1npart water and 1 part milk. The only thing to improve is the smoothness of the drink. There's a powdery taste of the chocolate that I couldn't quite get over, so my drink isn't as smooth as I had hoped. Overall, it was a nice drink to enjoy be it on a hot or cold day :).


Nice chocolate taste. Not sweet. Suitable to my taste.

75% Hot Dark Chocolate
Felicitas Chung
Best Choc Drink

1st time ordered to try, they sent one of the flavour wrongly and quickly resent the correct one. Taste is really rich and yummy 😋 Will purchase more in future!


The taste is extremely rich and it's not too sweet. It's good for breakfast or perhaps during a rainy day. :)


Love the taste.
Hard to dissolve 100%. Need to use shaker. Also easily lumped inside the can. Will it help in putting absorber gel or add another rubbery cover on on top? Saw much lower price in Jaya Grocer for dark chocolate drink.
Thank you very much B&C

Good balance

Bitterness and chocolatey flavor are well balanced. Cocoa nut chunks might not be my choice for my next purchase.

Love the taste! Just nice!

5 star

Very nice, not sweet

Not too sweet but not too bitter as well. Perfect for me! For those that seek chocolate drink that is well-balanced, this is for you!

Im planning to try the higher % on my next purchase 🤭

sweetness just nice. will consider buying again

the nectar of the gods

very nice

Taste was excellent. However it’s very difficult to dissolve the chocolate. And will somehow end with some lumps.

75% Hot Dark Chocolate
Salbiah Mahat

Just nice of sweetness.. i love it both

Love it!

Will prefer a stronger mint taste

Mint Dark Chocolate
Nor adilah iliana bt Mohamad Ridzwan
Mint dark chocolate

Nice and good, i like it

75% hot dark chocolate

Lovely chocolate taste, sweetness is just right. Will definitely buy again.

Mint Dark Chocolate
tunisa mohd azuan
Mint Dark Choc

Love the taste
Could make with slightly more mint but overall delish

75% Hot Dark Chocolate
tunisa mohd azuan
75% hot dark chocolate

Fantastic rich chocolate taste
Good stuff
A must buy

Mint Dark Chocolate
Nadirah Sharif
Fun drink!

It's a fun drink! The hint of mint was a refreshing surprise.

Definitely hooked!

It's the perfect drink—just the right amount of bitter-sweet balance, and flavourful enough to still give me the jollies with every single cup.

Mint Dark Chocolate

suitable for me and will buy again...this is the second time i bought from you...

Mint Dark Chocolate
Aakif Jalil
Good chocolate taste

Im a fan of 75%, first time trying the mint version. I think i prefer the mint flavor to be a bit stronger, i barely taste the mint, especially when served hot

75% Hot Dark Chocolate

Yes, I like it a lot and the sweetness is just nice and definitely, I will buy again!

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