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75% Hot Dark Chocolate
Haniza Salleh

Suit to my liking.

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75% Hot Dark Chocolate
Shakif Mustaffa
Best choc drink in town

Good quality product

Perfect Balance

It sooth and relax me at the end of a hectic day.

It is not too sweet. Just perfect to enjoy the rich chocolaty taste without the guilt.


i dont want any sugar whatsoever in it even coconut sugar.


This is my 2nd purchase. the packaging has been improved from the last time i purchase this product.
I wish it has 550g refill pack rather than just mini pack or the 1100g pack.
Taste wise, i feel that it was a bit sweet. wish it was less sweet since it was 85% dark chocolate.

Just right

I've ordered 3 flavours, the 85%, Mint and this one. So far l have just tried this one at it is superb. The chocolate amount is just right and not too bitter, creamy and smooth. Everything was just right. Definitely one of the best home made chocolate drink which is on par with something you would serve in a cafe. Worth it. Very satisfied.

75% Hot Dark Chocolate
P Sakthivel K Pathmanathan

Smooth and rich for me. Enjoyed it. Highly recommended. Will buy again once my stock finishes

Delicious.. with fresh milk

100% Hot Dark Chocolate
Maznida Mohamad
Maznida Mohamad

The bitterness as I like it. Not sweet.. which I am not looking forward for sweet taste. Like it 100%

Nice/Real chocolate taste

Love the sweetness & taste.

Great chocolaty taste

Love it

85% dark chocolate drink

wish it can be less sweet a bit. Overall taste is awesome, just hot water and milk you can get a perfect chocolate drink.

85 is my cup of tea

The kind that afraid of sweet sweet stuff but this just tastes good

Amazing chocolaty taste

The aroma of cocoa ❤️

Mint dark chocolate

Love it. Perfect for my taste. Not sweet, just nice. I like it more if the mint is stronger. Will repeat purchase ❤

Mint Dark Chocolate
Wong Sin Wah
Mint Dark Chocolate

Taste really great for mint chocolate lover. The mint was not overpowering and the chocolate has a deep rich chocolatey flavor. It isn't sweet at all and drinkers can adjust how sweet they want their drinks to be, which is quite awesome. Hope to find this readily available in stores at lower price (fingers crossed).

Absolutely LOVE this. Have been searching high and low for chocolate powder infused with MINT and this is just perfect. not overly sweet, although I may like it a bit more bitter. (Will fine tuned by adding it with the 85% cholocate I bought) Now it feels like Christmas everyone i make a cup of Hot a chocolate .

Delicious and Flavour-full

Smooth and rich. Not too sweet with a hint of chocolate bitterness. Just the right level of sweetness to savour the full flavour of chocolate. Delicious and flavour-full.

Mint Dark Chocolate
Farhana Othman
Mint Dark Chocolate

So delicious. Hope that you can produce cacao product in the next time.

85% Hot Dark Chocolate
Sharizan Kamari Kamarol Ariffin

Just add hot mlik dan hot chocolate powder. No nedd add sugar

Very rich, same like you get from cafe.

If you follow the steps “how to serve”provided by Beans&Co, you will get rich, creamy and tasty chocolate drink. I have tried other brands, but they are not suit to my liking. Highly recommended. This is my second time purchase. Definitely will try the other % chocolate.

I have been on repeat purchase

"I have been on repeat purchase" says it all :P

85% Hot Dark Chocolate
Review on 85% dark chocolate

Very rich taste of bitter sweet dark chocolate. Good on its own without adding sugar or milk. Best taken when hot or warm as a breakfast drink. The chocolate aroma provides an awakening kick start for the morning blues. Will order again.

Not too sweet

Chocolate drink was not too sweet as compared to Milo . Appreciated the wooden spoon that came with it

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